Friday, August 2, 2013

Finishing... At Last

In the corporate world they like to do psychometric tests, one in particular is the Belbin Team Test. This is meant to help you understand what types of people you have in a team so you can understand if you have a good balance.

One of the personality types is that of a completer/finisher. Every time I have taken this test I score very low in the completer/finisher role. I think once I even scored zero. Supposedly I’m a great Resource Investigator (i.e. networker) but give me something to finish? Not so much.

Of course, one of the biggest pieces of advice you can be given about writing is finishing what you start. This obviously gives me a few problems. I launch into new stories in giddy excitement only to splutter to a stop halfway through. Then begins the hard slog to reach the end. And as finishing things is obviously against my nature it is hell.

But this week I did actually finish something. It has only been five years since that initial giddy start but I never gave up hope that somehow, if I just had the time and motivation, I would finish that story. And I have. Admittedly it is a rambling pile of nonsense but it is a finished rambling pile of nonsense which can be fixed. Hopefully before another five years pass.

Do you have problems finishing things? What techniques get you through?


  1. Well done for finishing! What usually gets me there is working on several different things at once - when one is flagging a bit, I work on something else for a while until I recapture the enthusiasm for the first one. If that doesn't work either, then yep, it can be hell! I guess it's just a case of glueing bum to seat :-)

  2. I do have a few different things going on but it never gave me the enthusiasm to finish this one. But yes, 'bum on seat, hands on keyboard' (BICHOK)

  3. COFFEE. I make myself finish things before I allow the next cup of coffee. Only half-joking. I work from home and its hard to finish anything some days. The more I have to complete, the tighter the schedule, the better I am at finishing, especially if there are external deadlines. I need to hire someone to create artificial deadlines to force me to meet them. Maybe there's a business in that? Some extremely attractive male hero - maybe subscribers could pick from The Heroine Addict Books ?! - calls you up and enforces deadlines. It would be an extremely pleasant way to get things done.