Sunday, May 27, 2012


In writing, our characters are somehow transformed by the end of the book. They have taken a journey - whether physical or emotional. There will have been a fair bit of territory covered in the process.

This week has marked a transformation for me...I'm now a published author. Like my heroines I have passed through the hoops of burning fire (not literally guys!) to come out the other side a bit singed but triumphant. Years of hard work and dreaming have paid off.
Biddy, Liz, Julie and Pia

On Thursday we held a blog party here and on Thursday evening in London we had a physical launch...a heart in mouth moment for me. Thankfully I had three other Heroine Addicts with me to celebrate (we missed Anna and Susanna but happily drank their share of the fizz!)

It was a brilliant moment..but I will confess I didn't feel any different except for the deadline for book two that is looming.....that is until I saw The Cornish House on sale in WH Smith's in Paddington Station....and did a happy dance in the middle of the store!

While at the station I couldn't miss a cuddle with the bear himself!


  1. And what a transformation! Love that it is now 'out in the wild'. As the last remaining unpublished Heroine Addict it is a good kick up the behind :-)

  2. It was a great launch, Liz - glad to have been there to help you celebrate!

  3. Can't wait to celebrate you launch Biddy! It will happen!!!

    Christina - aw thanks!!!