Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Launch Party - The Cornish House!

It’s party time again here on the Heroine Addicts blog and today we are celebrating the launch of Liz Fenwick’s brilliant debut novel The Cornish House!  (I have had the privilege of reading an advance copy and let me tell you, you’re in for a treat :)

As usual, we are all bringing something to eat or drink and a suitable date.  As The Cornish House is obviously set in Cornwall, our theme is anything to do with that lovely county so please let us know what and who you’ve brought when you pop in to join us!  We’ll start with Liz, of course, the guest of honour:-

Liz has brought the Flag of St Piran for us to hang on the wall (thanks, Liz!), some scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, and Hugh Jackman as her date since he apparently had something to do with inspiration for the book’s hero (can’t think why :).


I (Christina) have brought some champagne so we can toast Liz properly and I thought a charming pirate might be a suitable date, so who better than Jack Sparrow?  I’m sure he wouldn’t be above a bit of smuggling into the lovely Cornish coves and I would happily accompany him anywhere ...


Julie is bringing Paul Bettany, who Liz apparently saw in Cornwall once and failed to grab – too late, he’s Julie’s now!  She’s also found a Cornish Knocker ... no, sorry, that should be Cornish Knocker beer.  Interesting name!  Well, anyhow ...

Biddy’s escort is the fiddle-playing Seth Lakeman, and although he’s apparently from Devon, that’s near enough, isn’t it?  I’m sure he won’t mind crossing the Tamar for Biddy’s sake, especially when she’s bought some scrumpy just for him.

Susanna has arrived on the arm of Leon Ockenden (who hails from Looe, near her favourite Cornish village Polperro).  Their drink of choice is Cornish Lust – a strawberry and cream liqueur that is just magical!  [I’m beginning to think I may need to go to Cornwall more often since the choice of beverages is so ... er, exotic!]


Finally, Anna is joining us with the lovely Matthew McConaughey in tow – he looks like he’s just rushed out of the sea to be with her, what a hero!  And she’s invited the fantastic girls of Kemysk to entertain us with their dancing (perhaps Seth will play for us too?) 

So now the party is in full swing – please join us to help celebrate Liz’s launch!

Before we have too much of those wonderfully named drinks, we’ve asked Liz to give us five facts about The Cornish House:-

Which is your favourite scene in the book?  Such a tough question but I would have to say the last scene in the book.

Which scene made you smile?  Almost every scene with Hannah in it …her attitude just makes me smile but in particular her first meeting with Old Tom ...

Which character surprised you the most?  I would have to say Old Tom as I didn’t know he would be in the book until he appeared and I fell in love with him …

Which was the scene you hated writing the most?  That would give the plot away but let’s just say the one where Maddie feels the most pain …

Which book would your hero probably have on his shelf?  Ah, Mark’s bookshelves would be laden with glorious glossy architecture books but the well-worn copy of The Hobbit would say a lot more about him …

You can find The Cornish House here and in all good book stores!

Now, let’s party on dudes …


  1. Raising my Cornish Lust in a toast to Liz and her Very Exciting First Ever publication day!! SO very happy and proud of her. May The Cornish House have the good life it deserves, and may it be the first of a great many more lovely novels from Liz :-)

  2. Thank you you Susanna! I'm so excited and what a party we're having here on the blog!


  3. What fun!! Cheers, Liz, and congratulations!

  4. It is finally here! I am sooo proud of you and so chuffed to be able to share it with you. Have a wonderful wonderful day and may this be the beginning of a great many publication days.


  5. Hi Liz, so sorry not to be there in person. But raising a metaphorical glass of fizz to you - oops, it is a bit early, but what the hell! Every time you publish a book it's exciting, but like your first baby, the first time is just a little bit special. Enjoy and congratulations. You are such an example to wannabes, showing more dedication, and determination then anyone I know, not only to succeed but to produce the very best book you can. I loved the bits of your writing I read on your blog, and cannot wait to read the finished version! Have a fab day, you really deserve it! Loads of love Julesxx

  6. Annabel...thanks and you didn't bring a date? Thanks for coming to the Dubai launch:-)

    Biddy - so much of this book being out there belongs to your support! And I have stolen Seth as the inspiration for the Summer of The Black Hare...just warning you!

    Jules aka Jane! Thank you so much! Your encouragement has helped so much on this journey!!! And you didn't bring a date either....hmmm

    Well help yourself to the array of drink and have fun...I am!

  7. Can't wait to celebrate with you in real life later, Liz. I hope and expect that you have popped down to Cornwall (in between heating up pasties) and found Mr Bettany again, and that this time you have not failed to procure him for me. I am planning to wear a fetching frock that will go perfectly with his blue eyes.

    Meanwhile in Heroine Addicts land, Paul B and I are drinking our own concoction of Cornish Lust and Cornish Knocker, called Knocker Lust. Cheers!!

  8. PS I loved Old Tom too, and I think Hannah's interaction with him is magical.

    *back to the Knocker Lust*

  9. Julie...Knocker Lust! The mind boggles...but Mr Bettany is mine...I saw him first...

    See you tonight!

    ps so pleased you loved Old Tom too!

  10. Ah but you failed to SEIZE Mr Bettany, which was your fatal mistake Ms Fenwick. I think you will find, therefore, that he is MINE.

  11. (Apparently Knocker Lust makes one speak in CAPITAL LETTERS.)

  12. Can only echo what everyone else has said - hope you have a fab and very special day today, Liz, congratulations! Will help you celebrate for real later on, but meanwhile I'm going to have some of that Knocker Lust ... :D

  13. Congratulations Liz. It must be a fantastic feeling! I'm very envious.
    I've just completed my rom com manuscript which is set in Cornwall and Yorkshire. I grew up in Falmouth and now live in York.
    My date for my launch (if it ever happens) will be Keanu Reeve. We will be drinking Scrumpy and eating Yarg and yeast buns.
    Have a fabulous time.

  14. Thanks Christina...yes, that Knocker Lust will have a lot to answer for!

    Julie - step away from Mr Bettany NOW!

    Wenday - How could you not be Cornish with the name Loveday! Fabulous. Brilliant setting for your novel too. I must say a very handsome date. Mind the riff raff :-)


  15. Congratulations, Liz!!! I'm just going to take this moment while everyone else is distracted by the Paul B fight to sneak over there with Mr M.....



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  17. Anna - we can see you even if we are in a bit of a scrum over Mr B...