Friday, May 11, 2012

Mountains and Margaritas - Refueling

I have just come back from two and a half weeks in the mountains (with a small detour to NYC) and I feel like the creative well has been refilled. There was a bit of writing on the porch pictured. Hat and sunglasses on. It was strange to be writing about things happening in the House of Commons whilst I was in the  midst of the Colorado Rockies.

The weather was sunny and as a result Margaritas were on the menu. I decided it was my duty to test which bars made the best ones. I tasted them from Salida to NYC but the best one was found in Breckenridge… New Flame mixing a mean Margarita slushie.

We cruised the mountains in a large truck and I was even allowed to have country music blasting from the stereo. On a trip to Salida with wind blowing through the truck window, the sun shining and me staring out at the desert like landscape ringed by mountains I had a glimmer of another story. A legend of a lost boy who hides in the area. It gave me a shiver.

And now I’m back, refreshed, refuelled and ever so slightly jet lagged. I’m off to check when I can go back again.

Come back on Sunday to hear from Susanna


  1. Glad you had a good time - love the sound of lazing on a porch (with a bit of writing time too)!