Thursday, March 29, 2012

When Only One Man Will Do…

Sometimes late at night there is only one man I want in my life. I sneak to bed, plump up my pillows, log on to my lap top. I head to iTunes and I’m in heaven.

I watch him stride across stages, stroll on beaches, hanging out on boats and singing on tractors. Some people say my fascination is unhealthy, when I floated the idea of a tattoo of him on my back the Boy Toy threatened the end of everything. I still haven’t taken the idea of it off the table.

Who is this man? Who is the only man that will do?

Kenny Chesney (aka The Chesney)

Since sometime in 2003 I was bitten by the bug and it hasn’t gone away. He is a pint sized bundle of East Tennessee goodness. After a bad day all I want to do is live in his world. Where he tells stories of high school days gone by or love lost. I love the manly way he tries to dance (not always successfully). Of course I could just listen to his music and I do, but there is something about that lower lip of his pouting that just has to be seen. Oh and did I mention that I got to speak to him once? Be still my heart. Next time we'll be sending out the wedding invites.

So what can you do when only one man will do?

So that is me set for the night... who is the only man for you?

Come back on Sunday to hear from Susanna


  1. For me, it's Rod Stewart. Yep, good ol' Rod, only he knows the Rhythm of my Heart. He's been with me since my college days, stuck with me through a lot, and many...
    Strikes me, there you are in the UK, me here in TN...
    Nah, no proxy, Rod's mine, all mine!