Monday, March 26, 2012

Toys or Equipment...How Do You Choose

As I am looking at buying a new computer I find myself wondering if in the past writers spent so much time debating on the tools of their trade...Did they debate the quality of the quill or parchment???

I know I can spend hours looking a notebooks and pens but recently I have been looking at upgrading my main working tool - my computer (no, not my brain - might be good if I could upgrade that!). I need something that is portable, hard-wearing, versatile, and elegant. So that has brought me to either the Mac Air or one of the new ultrabooks...Or to the Mac vs PC debate.

Having always used PCs I lean towards them. In the past they have been substantially cheaper but in the ultrabook range there isn't that much difference. Is now the time to jump ship?

My head spins with the pros and cons of each...I can't make up my mind. Do you have a preference? And if so why?


  1. I would say stick with what you know! Those who have Macs seem to absolutely love them, but they are slightly different and personally I prefer the familiarity of knowing what I'm doing (well, sort of ... :) I'm sure there are some lovely laptops as well! I guess it depends on how techie you are and whether the thought of learning new stuff excites or scares you?

  2. I use both. It isn't hard to get to grips with a Mac :-) and they sure are pretty.

  3. My DH adores his MacBook Air, but since I'm not allowed to use it, touch it, or even breathe on it, I can't really advise you as to whether it's actually better than my own laptop :-)