Sunday, March 11, 2012

Oops and Name Dropping

I should have been here on Thursday and in fact I even drafted a post which is great...except it is on my lap top which is in London and I am in Dubai...

Not a good and then I forgot about it totally because I was taking part in my first literary festival and not just any one, but the one I have volunteered at for the past few years- the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature. I had crossed the divide! And, well, wow...

Last year Biddy and I manned the Green Room, led authors on tours, and had the best and most exhausting of times. This year I ran two writing workshops for a school and Sharjah and sat on a panel session on first fictions discussing the different ways to publication...definitely a pinch me transformation.

This week reminded me to two things. The first was how blessed i am to be living my dream and second was that what you put in - volunteering in this case really pays off.

I want to post a photo but the festival hasn't released it's a picture of all the authors and there's is little old me standing in front of of Nicholas Sparks and David Nichols...and I think I spied the delicious Giorgio Locatelli over my shoulder as cool is that. What a difference a year can make....

I sorely missed my partner in crime, Biddy. It would have been sweeter to have her there to share in the change of status but hopefully this year will bring her turn.

Liz Fenwick and Michael Portillo
As I can't post the big group picture I'll share this one instead...


  1. You just posted that one to rub my nose in it! *sigh*

    Wish I could have been there to ring the changes. Hopefully next year! Or maybe the year after.


  2. It's great that this literary festival is going from strength to strength, and how wonderful to take part! It sounds very enjoyable!