Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dear Agent...

It has come to that point in my writing that I am ready to send my work out into the world. Revisions are done and now I need to see if I can get representation.

This weekend I will be drafting a letter or two plus polishing my synopsis! Here are a few examples of the drafts so far:

"Dear Agent,

Please, please, please love my book! I have written the manuscript in purple crayon on pink paper and have sprinkled glitter over it so you can see it is written for the teen girls. Also I am sending a singing telegram who will be delivering my synopsis.

Love, hugs and kisses


Maybe not...

"Dear Agent,

Here is a book wot I wrote. My friends Julie and Liz think it ROCKS! If you don't agree you are just a hater. By the way I will KNOW if you give this story idea to someone else and will come and HUNT YOU DOWN!

Love, hugs and kisses (I'm watching you!!)


OK maybe a tad psychotic... think I'll have to work on this. Maybe I'll work on the synopsis instead.

"So this girl called Alex, like moves to Cumbria and then she meets this bloke and then funny stuff happens. The some weird stuff. Then something else happens..."

Hmmmm. This might take me longer than I thought.

Any tips will be gratefully received!

Come back on Sunday to hear what Susanna has been up to 


  1. Don't forget to pitch it on Twitter, shove a copy under the door while the agent is using the toilet at a conference, and broadcast any replies you may get, in full, online.

    Also, make sure you ring every day to check on status.

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product!!

    Liz x

  3. *makes notes* Thanks Julie! It is the support and guidance from people like you that will get me where I'm heading ;-)

  4. Liz - hopefully one day you will :-)

  5. Good luck! :) Hope you land an agent soon. Keep us updated!

  6. Yes, everything Julie suggested :-)

    And any of those letters should be fine, though I'm particularly fond of #2. I intend to start ALL my correspondence in future with, "Here is a book wot I wrote". Absolute brilliance!

  7. Yes, sounds great, although maybe you could reduce it to "text speak", just so the agent can read it faster :-) ??

    Good luck, am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  8. And enclose a chocolate in the letter. It'll get squished, but they can always lick it off the paper....