Monday, February 27, 2012

Best Reading List EVAH

As a reader, I find choosing a good read sometimes a bit of a chore. I have high standards! I like romantic fiction, but I get stuck sometimes in a narrow genre because it delivers what I’m looking for. I want to dip my toe in the ocean of fabulousness that is romantic fiction, but I’m frightened of being disappointed.

As a writer, too, I want to read more. I want to know more about the UK market, about what readers are enjoying, about where genres are heading. But where do I start?

Then the RoNA shortlist came out, and I realised my problems were over.

I have, now, what has to be THE best romantic fiction reading list ever devised by woman. I’m going to be reading my way through it this year, exploring genres I don’t often dip into, discovering new authors, and new books by old familiar friends.

To find the same reading list, click here. To find out more about the Romantic Novelists' Association’s Awards, go and browse around this site. And look out for RoNA stickers and shortlisted books in your local bookshop!!!

(P.S – my first two purchases off the list were Christina’s Highland Storms and The UnTied Kingdom by Kate Johnson. *wiggle*)


  1. Great thinking!! And such a great list :-)

  2. Thank you, Anna! Yes, I'm reading my way through this list at the moment - have read all the RoNA Rose books and half the historical list so far. Really enjoying it!

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