Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reasons to Write #2 - Pyjamas

Lately, while hibernating from writing, I've been thinking about the reasons we write (and the reasons we don't).

Lying in bed this morning, contemplating a day-job-free day, I started thinking about what attracted me to writing as a job of work. Certainly something about balance, which I've blogged about before. There's something there about creativity, too, which I'll blog about before long, and something about feeling connected, which is an odd reason for such a solitary profession, but which makes sense to me personally.

But this morning, writing from a netbook propped on my knees, which a cat either side of me, and one UNDER my knees (under the duvet!) I started thinking about pyjamas.

Lovely things, pyjamas.

Soft, squidgy, supremely touchable and huggable. Relaxed. COMFORTABLE.

I have long found it odd how much we'll put up with dramatically uncomfortable outfits in pursuit of style and glamour. I like pretty as much as the next gal, but at the end of the day I'm focussing on two things: getting OUT of the bra, and getting IN to the slippers.

And pyjamas.

I would quite like a job where the closest thing you get to 'office-wear' is a set of py-jams. Balanced, of course, by the occasional need to get glammed up for an RNA party.

That sounds like perfection to me, right?

So, okay, so far in Reasons to Write we have "Balance" and "Pyjamas".

This blog series is looking good to me....

What's your favourite 'work-wear'?


  1. I'm with you...I spend many a day writing in my pjs...they are perfect. They tug or pull or dig in...they do distract from the task at hand...they provide balance as you say...bliss.

  2. I love getting into my pjs and my warm dressing gown when I get home from work and have nowhere special to be. I love my creature comforts! If its not that, then straight into some comfy leggings.

  3. Oh, definitely one of the best perks of the business, in my opinion! I do get dressed every morning, mind, to take the kids to school, but when I get home again it's right back into the pjs (the UPS delivery people probably think I take a lot of sick days...)

    Here in Canada, when we're little we wear snowmobile suits outdoors in winter--lovely one-piece zip-up toasty warm snowproof suits--and I keep threatening my children I'm going to buy an adult-sized one so I can put it on right over my pyjamas in the morning when I drive them to school, and I won't have to change :-)

    Maybe this will be the winter I actually follow through on that threat...

  4. Bliss, isn't it, Liz?

    I'm all for the comfy leggings, Eliza - I'm a big fan of yoga pants. . .

    I am totally getting myself one of those, Susanna!


  5. Susanna - I think you should go for it, sounds ideal!

    I hate to have to fess up, but I don't own any PJ's! (I sleep in over-sized T-shirts - not that you probably wanted to know that :)) Looks like maybe I'll have to rectify this omission as you've definitely made me want some now. I usually write in comfy tracksuit trousers and a sloppy old hoodie, which is ok as well. Doesn't shock the postman as much though - hmm, no fun! Yep, am going out to buy PJ's now ...

  6. Christina, *I* don't sleep in PJs, either! But I do lounge in them.... *g* I think lots of people own PJs but not for sleeping. :D

    One of my big annual treats is buying a new M&S PJ set in the January sales....