Thursday, December 8, 2011

I want to fall in love ...

No, this isn’t an announcement that I’m about to divorce my husband or looking to replace him in any way, I promise. But I do need to find a crush because if I don’t, I can’t write my next book.

Like many other authors, I base my heroes on a real person’s looks, although obviously I make up their personality to suit my story. And just as in real life, it’s seeing them for the first time that gives me the biggest spark. Like falling in love but in an imaginary way. If I’m lucky, just the sight of this potential hero triggers a scene in my mind, which becomes the basis for the rest of the story. If not, I can at least use this instant crush feeling when writing about the hero and heroine meeting for the first time. And falling in love ...

Sure, I have an archive of photos I can flick through and I also have a pin board next to my computer with lots of pictures of possible heroes, but sometimes that just doesn’t work. Right now, I need to find someone new, a man I’ve never seen before, but who will set my mind off on an imaginary journey where he’s the hero and I’m the heroine. Someone who sets my pulse racing and makes me tingle all over when he looks at me (even if I’m only pretending he’s looking at me of course).

Actually, that’s not quite true – sometimes it works if I see an actor in a new role at the cinema, one where he’s different from normal in some way. Take Johnny Depp for instance – I loved him in the film Chocolat and could happily have based a hero on his character in that, but he didn’t do it for me in any of his other films. Then along comes Captain Jack Sparrow and “wow!”, there’s the spark again.

Some actors are definitely chameleons, while others play much the same role in every film (like Hugh Grant). That means of course that the Hugh type is only good for one starring role in my novels, whereas others can inspire me over and over again. Right now though, that’s not working either – I need someone brand new.

So does anyone have any recommendations? Any films I absolutely must see over the Christmas holidays? Please let me know because until I find him – THE ONE – my next book just isn’t going to get written.

Please come back on Sunday to hear from Liz!


  1. My mind is blank....I haven't seen many film recently so that's possibly why. I'll have a think and get back to you!

  2. Goodness, we go at this hero casting with like-minded passion. I can't quite settle into my characters until I've found that real world template either.

    In the novel I just finished it was Alex O'Loughlin (of Moonlight, currently in the Hawaii 5-O reboot as Steve McGarret, but I was thinking more of his younger self as Will Bryant in that Mary Bryant miniseries way back when. Here: ).

    Does he do it for you? :)

    I like to cast all my secondary characters too, if possible, and then watch their work on screen for body language and mannerisms. I'm sure I spend WAY too much time playing around with it, as evidenced by the fully-cast family tree of my hero's lineage back to his grandfather, arranged with all the characters' photos, their wives' (and mistresses') photos... even those who are dead and never appear in the story. I've never taken it quite that far before, but being able to look at it while I work has proved inspiring. And helpful in keeping them all straight.

  3. Have you seen 'The Ides of March'? No, not George Clooney, although he's in it - Ryan Gosling. I couldn't take my eyes off him whenever he was on the screen, and he was in virtually every shot in the film.

    He's not conventionally good looking, but he definitely has a large dollop of a certain something, and charisma by the bucket load.

    Liz X

  4. Hmmm.. How about Philip Winchester as Crusoe?

  5. Thanks, Lori, he's not bad :) And I'm glad you do the same thing - I construct family trees as well, but usually not with photos.

    Liz - yes, nice eyes! Maybe a bit too clean-cut for me, but has potential.

    Susanna - I didn't know they'd made a Crusoe film, will have to look for that, thank you! Yes, he's not bad either :)

    Thanks everyone!

  6. The Crusoe miniseries with PW was all right. It got a little hokey after a while, but all the flashbacks (which included Sean Bean) were great. I agree that PW was great to look at in it. :)

    This may be my next hero (he's already been a secondary character):

    That's Jason Momoa, lately from Game of Thrones and the Conan remake, neither of which I've seen. I know him from his Stargate Atlantis days as Ronon Dex.

  7. Ah, yes, I have the "Conan" film on my wishlist - it's not out on DVD here yet - and Game of Thrones recorded from TV. Thanks for reminding me, Lori!

  8. I'm back with another guy for you, Christina. :) This one is Irishman Jason O'Mara, who's currently starring in Terra Nova. He first popped up on my radar years ago in Monarch of the Glen. I forget which season.

  9. Just keep going on with Johnny Depp. He is my first most crush- even though he is four times my age....literaly.... " You will always remember this was the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!"