Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

I've done a quick search of this blog, and somehow it seems that we have been blogging here on The Heroine Addicts for several months now, and incredibly, we seem to have neglected to talk about SHOES.

Good shoes are, for some reason, vital to every romantic writer's psyche. Wheneverwe get together, we seem to spend a great deal of time staring at each other's feet and squealing in delight. I can personally vouch for the excellence of the shoes of every Heroine Addict, though special mention perhaps goes to Christina Courtenay who is never seen without an exquisite pair on her perfect feet. In my mind, at least, she toddles down to the shop in four-inch stilettos whenever she needs a pint of milk etc. (Don't disappoint me here, Christina.) I also treasure a wondrous moment when our own Liz Fenwick GAVE ME, through the goodness of her heart, a pair of black patent court shoes with the name "Louboutin" inside them.

I'm not sure what this says about us; perhaps it's just that we like to express our femininity in an overt way. Perhaps it's because we spend so much time sitting on our butts, writing, that we feel that when we get out in public and use our neglected feet we need to put on Something Special.

I wrote about the power of shoes in Nina Jones and the Temple of Gloom:

I’m a great believer in the power of high heeled shoes. They’re beautiful, they’re stylish, they can rescue a so-so outfit, and they make you appear to have legs up to your armpits, especially if you have passably long legs anyway. Also—and this may be obvious but it’s really vital—the taller you are, the more people will assume that you know what you’re doing... Most importantly, they’re uncomfortable. When you wear heels for every minute of your professional and social life you’re instantly proclaiming yourself as a person who is able to withstand blisters, pinching, and calf ache, because looking good is more important than pain. Besides, blisters can provide a handy distraction from an aching heart.

I must admit, that I spend most of my days slobbing around in a pair of furry Acorn slipper-boots. But today, my new book comes out, and I am not sure I am going to be able to resist buying these:They match my book cover, you know. Isn't that a good enough reason?


  1. Happy publication day, Julie! GO BUY THOSE SHOES!! Not only do they match your cover, but they're Very You :-)

    Loved the quote from your book, and also your analysis of why we romantic novelists are so fixated on our shoes...I'm sitting here now in bare feet, in my writing room, as I sit every day, coveting those rose-shaped shoes at the top of your post!

    What do you think? My new book's called The Rose Garden, after all...

  2. Happy Publication Day!!

    Oooo might have to buy those shoes as well. I am more a boot person myself. I'm currently wearing my pointy snakeskin boots which got the thumbs up of the security man at Dubai airport and Charley Boorman ;-)

  3. Very pretty, Julie. And I think you deserve them, you know?

    But WHERE did those glorious rose ones come from???

  4. Happy publication day, Julie, and yes, of course you must buy those shoes! They're perfect! And the rose ones for you, Susanna - look forward to seeing both pairs in real life :)

    Thank you for the compliments - I won't disabuse you of the notion that I go milk shopping in four inch heels , but I have to say that like Biddy, I mostly live in boots (my 12 year old cowboy boots are precious). There is something very special about being four inches taller than normal though, especially when you're normally 5'3" (used to be 5'3" and a quarter but I lost the quarter!) and definitely worth the pain.

    Thanks for a great post!

  5. My God, I just had a shoegasm at the sight of those red shoes at the top. WANT. Because, you know, I really don't have enough shoes.

    And, I saw those purple shoes today in Schuh, Julie--they are SO you and you SO must have them!

  6. You know, sometimes I can take or leave shoes, so WHY did you have to post a picture of shoes that have instantly reduced me to gibbering lust. Purple. Bows.


    I may have to hate you....


  7. Plus, you know, they'd go brilliantly with my Georgian costume...

  8. I just bought them.

    Sorry, Anna. Though we have been known to have the same shoes in the past...

  9. Oh, jealous, jealous, I so love shoes with ribbon bows. Hope you are enjoying wafting around in them, they are lovely. And congratulations on your launch.

  10. They are both gorgeous and comfortable, I'm sorry to say.

    Thank you Beth!