Saturday, March 5, 2011


First let me say I had a different post planned for today, but I opened my email and there was a Google alert for my name. This in itself is not unusual as I tweet and blog etc., but this one was connected to Blake Friedmann Literary Agency. When I last posted, I mentioned I had good news but that I couldn't share it yet...well I had signed with Carole Blake on the Valentine's Day.

I couldn't believe after the years of dreaming and writing I had signed contracts with a legend. So this morning the Google alert led me here. It took away some of the unreal feeling that had been settling about me. I know that the hard work is just beginning. Carole needs to sell A Cornish House and I need to keep writing books that she loves, but sometimes you need to stop and shout YAY!!!! So often our hard work goes unnoticed let alone rewarded so I want to share this moment will all writers and dreamers. Dreams do happen. They may not happen when you want them to or exactly how you dreamt them. But if you believe and work your backside off they can happen.

I still feel a bit of a fraud though. I don't know if this will disappear when I have a book in hand or if it will remain always...

Have you fulfilled a dream? Was how you expected or did it surprise you?

Come back of Thursday to hear from Biddy.


  1. Once again...mega congratulations Liz!!

    And I have to say that the I-am-a-fraud syndrome doesn't ever go away. Even when the book is in your hand, you start thinking you're a fraud and unable to write the next one.

    Welcome to an even-deeper layer of paranoia! ;-)

  2. Yes, what Julie said! Maybe writers are just paranoid about everything? But at least if we know we're not alone, that helps.

    Huge congrats again and I'm so looking forward to reading 'A Cornish House'!

    As for dreams - it's lovely when they do come true, especially if you've waited a very long time.

  3. Huge congratulations!! Fraud or no fraud this is a time to celebrate!


  4. *takes a deep breath*


    And I AM a fraud. ;-) The feeling never goes, I'm afraid. Although it does mean you can have regular, "wow, this is real!" moments of reflection. :)

  5. Congratulations! When my nonfiction book was taken on by a literary agent who represented some of my writing idols, I felt exactly the same way. Still do, in fact. I hope to be lucky enough to have it happen again for my fiction.

    Hope Mistress Fortune is as kind to you when the book goes out on submission! Good luck!