Thursday, January 6, 2011

What is in the Stars?

I have a little secret. I read horoscopes. I don't believe them you understand... unless of course they say good things like how my love life will pick up or how soon I will make money from my 'creative endeavours'. No I don't believe them. I mean there are only 12 signs and if you divide the world into 12 different parts that is a lot of people all suddenly making money from their creative endeavours.

But sometimes I look at what astrology says about people's personalities, I will admit to visiting this site a tad too much to work out how my moon and rising sign make a difference to being a typical Libran. I have also been known to give my characters birthdays and look up what the stars say about them and how they deal with different situations.  Giselle Green wrote a book about how using the zodiac can work for writers.

This week at work we got hold of our 2011 stars and they said such great things were in store for us that we have cut them out and stuck them in our notebooks. We are also thinking of doing composite charts of people who want to business with us to check whether it will work out... this could be taking things a bit far.

So do you read your stars? 

Come back on Sunday to hear from Susanna


  1. Yeah, confessions time.... I do. Not all the time, not to follow, but often if I've had a particularly bad day *g* I want to find some reason or rhyme for it... So I more often read yesterday's horroscope than today's.

    I also find them interesting in a writerly way - ways to say something that could mean anything to anyone, depending on what they're looking to find!

  2. I read mine whenever i come across it but don't search it out...however I do know that I'm Aries with cancer rising which makes for an interesting mix...


  3. I never read my stars. I know that my star sign is Cancer....that's it! I tend to think the same, there are only 12 signs so how could that possibly deal with the whole world.
    However, I'm never adverse to learning something new so maybe I should start to take an interest and see what it's all about....

  4. I'm a bit like Anna, I tend to read mine a day late, but that's just in case there's something horrible predicted. I wouldn't want to know beforehand :) It's amazing how often you can make the prediction fit your own circumstances though, they are very cleverly worded. I do like reading the more general ones about the character of each star sign and I often justify being bossy by telling my kids I'm a Leo and it comes with the territory. Not sure they believe me ...
    I did have a birth chart drawn up once and found that very interesting. Despite me being very sceptical, a lot of what it said about my character was true. I asked not to be told about the future though and I'd never agree to a Tarot reading, I'm way too superstitious!

  5. Christina - It is interesting you didn't want to know about the future. At Greenwich for the RNA conference last summer, Susanna, Anna, Julie and I had our palms read. Supposedly sometime in 3.5 years everything comes together for me!! So everyone save the wedding hat buying until then ;-)

  6. That was very brave of you all! I think on the whole I prefer not to know, but it's great yours was so positive. Perhaps one can ask them not to say anything bad, but only the good things? I'm such a chicken ...