Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year - Resolutions or Not?

First - Happy New Year! I hope that  your 2011 began well. Mine did. I bullied the family into their finest, pushed them over to the pub (caused quite a stir there to see a family of five plus the lovely Biddy in black tie), then back home - we read poems, ate pheasant and finally played charades before I fell asleep on the sofa waiting for midnight...

A great, friends, food and wine. Now what? New Year always begs for resolutions with the fresh beginning, clean slate etc., but .... I normally fail. Last year I resolved to read a book a week...managed about two and a half a month. So I failed but not really...I certainly read more than the year before.

Back as 2003 became 2004 I promised simply to write more and well I did and have been since. So this year I've said I would like to write another new book and polish up an old one. I think based on previous years efforts this will actually happen. Oh and I'd like to see the books read total climb to three a month....

But is this enough? Are New Year's resolutions about more than doing what you've done in the past. Are they about pushing our own boundaries? I don't know. Maybe they are just guidelines or hopes or dreams or hogwash?

Have you made resolutions for 2011? Or are they something you avoid like the plague?

Don't forget to come back on Thursday to see what Biddy has to say....

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  1. Sorry, have been away so only just seen this - but yes, I have made some resolutions for 2011. I end up making some every year, keeping them is a different matter :) I guess it's a bit like diets, you start out with the best intentions, then you slip a little and suddenly you find you've gone back to bad habits. But I'm always hopeful that one year I'll manage to stick to them!