Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thanks Dad

I'm not the first writer in the family.

My Dad, after a lifetime of passionately climbing mountains, and diligently working as an administrator, took early retirement and promptly started writing guide books for long-distance paths in his beloved Pyrenees.

They're meticulously researched, rather beautifully written, and much appreciated by their readers. Dad drew the maps, took the photos, planned the routes. When walking in the Pyrenees, it wasn't uncommon for Dad to meet people using his guides. He was shyly delighted, and we were laughingly proud.

The royalties for Dad's guides still trickle in, surprising Mum on a regular basis. We still get letters from people who've used the guides and want to say thank you. This month, three and a half years after he died, Dad paid for Husband and I to go out to dinner together.

Thanks Dad.


  1. Thanks Jan, Thanks Liz. It's so nice that he can still give us things, and doubly nice that it's because of his writing that he can. :-)

  2. Your dad would be very pleased that he gave you and DH some special time together. I'm sure he is pleased.

  3. What a lovely post it brought a tear to my eye! Caroline x

  4. That's lovely, Anna. You touched my heart this morning. What a poignant way your dad is still very much a part of your life. I can imagine him smiling, delighted that he can fund your date-night. I'm a big fan of hiking guides, too, btw.

    And you reminded me of a very dear friend who is no longer a part of my life. Or is she? :)

    She passed away after her third battle with cancer, not quite a year ago. I wrote a blog post in tribute to her at the time. Over the months as friends from her life before I met her have gone looking for her on line, we've found each other and have been able to share our memories.

    I count her as my first real editor, and the fellow writer who taught me how to self-edit my work. She helped me take a 325K manuscript and edit it down to 128K. An agent took interest and contracted me, and it's now being shopped around to publishers while I'm busy writing new stories.

  5. What a lovely way to remember your dad, Anna! And I'm sure he would have been just as proud of your writing as you are of his.

  6. I'm sure he is very happy that he is still looking after you :-)

  7. I'm sure he's very chuffed, Julie!

    Thank you Caroline. :-)

    Lori, that sounds like a precious friendship, and some smart lessons passed on. I'm glad you had the chance to know that friend.

    He was, Christina! He got to read some, and saw my first cover, before he went. :-)

    I'm sure he is, too, Biddy! He's certainly with me in spirit whenever I go walking.