Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas is even closer!

Like Liz, I'm rushing around trying to get everything ready in time for Christmas and it's all a bit manic!  I honestly don't know why this happens every year because I always swear I'm going to start earlier/be more prepared/more organised/write better lists etc, but somehow it doesn't work out that way.  But maybe that's part of the fun?  If we were too organised, it wouldn't be so exciting!

I love Christmas, and especially all the preparations beforehand – buying and wrapping presents, cooking, cleaning, decorating – and the 'will we be finished in time' factor adds a certain something to the proceedings.  The special magic of Christmas is that it usually always ends up being all right on the day though, so I've stopped worrying too much about it.  And if the decorations aren't perfect or something's missing from Christmas dinner, does it really matter?  One year we ended up eating just potatoes, vegetables and gravy, because the turkey wasn't cooked (thanks to faulty instructions for a new AGA it was completely raw in the middle - yuck!), but it didn't make Christmas any less fun.  In fact, it's one we remember with lots of laughter now!

So I'm just going to take a deep breath now, tell myself there are still two days to go and plenty of time and I have both my daughters here to help.  They've just decorated this lovely gingerbread house, our tree is up, and we're about to make a special (calorie free, ahem) dessert, so hopefully all is in hand.

Hope your preparations are going well too and I wish you a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and hope 2014 is a brilliant year for all of us!