Thursday, December 5, 2013

All You Want for Christmas...

Christmas anthology - release date 19th December 
Kiss from The Kiss Collection - release date 12th December

Are lots of short stories! Yes, you know that is top of your Christmas list. And what is even better is that you get to have these stories EARLY!

It is amazing that at Christmas last year I was unpublished. This year I have had a short story published, one more next week and a Christmas themed anthology published on 19th December.

I feel a little greedy.

I have also been indulging in some promotional madness. I was sent my beautiful Christmas cover and decided it HAD to be my Christmas card this year. Which was all good until the website I was on started tantalising me with other promotional goods that I could have my cover displayed on.

I managed to resist them all except one. The phone cover. I made the mistake of mocking one up with a book cover on it. It looked soooo good but I thought I should check what the other covers looked like. I think I started drooling.

But which one should I have made into an actual phone cover? I sat there flicking between the different versions whilst drinking some wine. Which could explain why I now have three new phone covers due to arrive sometime in the next few days. Ho hum.
Pretty in pink...

This is what they look like from the site…

Never putting phone away
All I Want for Christmas

How cool?!?! I did stop myself from buying a huge pop up banner for each cover so I was reasonably well behaved. Now when I am in coffee shops I will leave my phone face down waiting for comments or hold it up on the Tube for all to see. No one is going to mistake my phone for theirs.

So other than downloading my next kiss, The First Kiss and A Stocking Full of Romance anthology, what else are you wanting for Christmas?

'The First Kiss' is released on 12th December 2013 to pre-order click here
'A Stocking Full of Romance' is released on 19th December 2013 to pre-order click here


  1. I have to say the short stories are perfect for readers everywhere and I love the phone covers…rushes off to do research!

  2. I think you should get covers done for your whole family! I'm sure the boys won't mind... ;-)

  3. what a good idea…grins wickedly! lx

  4. Those are lovely, Brigid! I'll have to stop myself going off to order some right now :-) As for what I'd like for Christmas (apart from your short stories of course) - some extra time! Time to just sit around and do nothing, time to read, time to relax ... yes, that would be good!