Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolutions A GOGO!

Thumbs up for 2013
Hello 2013!! *echoes round internet like a stadium announcer*

Ahh a brand shiny new year with no mistakes in it (well not too many). Of course new year is the time that we all make resolutions with bright eyed enthusiasm only to see them fail by February.

This year I'm not sure I can make any resolutions, too much is up in the air and other than resolving to 'keep on going' I'm not doing much else.

Well maybe a few 'resolutions':

1. Keep on going (this cover everything from work/life/writing)
2. Be fit - this one I know will come and go. However I have been good at doing at least 30 minutes of exercise most days since November I should be good to keep on going. Swimming is fun!
3. Eat well(ish)
4. Write when you can
5. Treasure those you love

I'm hoping that I can at least stick to some of them... maybe.

What are your resolutions for 2013?

Come back on Sunday to hear from Susanna


  1. No resolutions here, I'm afraid, although I AM trying to eat less chocolate. Trying but failing so far ... :-)

  2. As long as you TRY, it is the thought surely?