Friday, December 14, 2012

Stories...and being late

I was supposed to have posted on Sunday...sorry. Christmas and stuff...

Over on my blog I was talking at little bit about the new Peter Jackson film of The Hobbit (which I LOVED) and the lovely Sue Guiney comment that for three years attending the new Lord of the Rings films had become a family ritual for them and that had me thinking about how stories read, told and seen bond families together.

It can be the antidote about Grandma having too much sherry and face-planting in the trifle, which makes the family howl with laughter with just he words sherry and Grandma (no, it never happened with us but ask me sometime about the rental car in France...). So this is an example of something that happened, was shared, repeated and enjoyed.

But thinking about The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings...I read them in my early teens and found an early opportunity to share them with my children. Then had the opportunity to 'see' them with my kids, creating a tighter bond between us. I know each one of us takes something different from the stories but we share the experience.

I love how telling stories, reading stories or seeing stories can unite a family or even strangers. Yesterday in the cinema there was a conspiratorial air as we all took out seats...we were there to become a part of something, to leave the everyday and be swept away....simply magic.

As we are in the season when one of the greatest stories is celebrated, I hope that the season binds you tighter to your loved ones and that you share the love with the world.


  1. I love those family stories :)

    And I'm thinking that this year Anna will be making those stories and memories.

  2. You've made me feel all nostalgic because when I was little, my grandfather used to read to us all from some of Astrid Lindgren's stories at Christmas time. When all the presents had been opened, the food consumed and we were all ready to sit down, he would begin. And it was magical since the story was shared. Thanks for taking me back!

  3. Biddy - our Anna will be making many stories this year!

    Christina - a pleasure...will someone read those stories this year?


    1. No, sadly we stopped after my grandfather passed away, but if I ever get any grandchildren, I might start again :)

  4. My Dad used to tell me the most amazing bedtime stories, while my Mum introduced me to classics like the Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie stories. It's good to start them young!