Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Festival of Romance 2012 and We Have A Winner!

There is so much to say about the Festival of Romance but the most important is that our very own Christina Courtenay won the Best Historical Read with The Silent Touch of Shadows!!!
Christina Courtenay and Sue Morrcroft

But let's jump back a step from the exciting news....The gala dinner was fabulous and Biddy sparkled.

Jane Wenham-Jones and Brigid Coady

Jane Wenham-Jones was the brilliant compere of the evening...the full listing of all the winners is here.

As has been mentioned I was short listed for the Best Romantic Read....
Liz Fenwick, Sue Moorcroft, Miranda Dickenson, Rowan Coleman, Jane Lovering and Trisha Ashley

And the winner....
Rowan Coleman
Rowan Coleman for Dearest Rose!

All the night's winners...

I have no pictures of the the publishing deals that were handed out but Celia Anderson of the Romaniatics will be published by Piatikus! Then dancing that followed but due to jet lag I didn't last past the main course. However fellow Heroine Addict Biddy assures me that it was brilliant!

Saturday morning...breakfast watching crews practicing on the river...hard work!

First stop was to the Romance Fair in the Corn Exchange...
Christina Courtenay and Donna Hay setting up

Dashing men arrived
Drama ensued...a scene from a Mills & Boon Historical
Talli Roland reads at 'Coffee & Cake'
It was a sold out crowd at the 'Coffee & Cake' morning with so many wonderful writers and moi...
Liz Fenwick getting nervous
Liz Fenwick reading from The Cornish House
The Romance Fair was open all day and Bedford's shoppers had the opportunity to come in enjoy a chocolate and chat with romantic novelists of all varieties...In the shopping centre people were treated to actors performing from Mills & Boon Historicals, Writer's reading from there books while seminars took place in the library.

Sadly I had to come home...while the fun continued...already looking forward to next year's event!


  1. Many thanks, Liz, some lovely photos! It was a fun weekend but I need to lie down in a cool dark place for a week now I think ...

  2. I feel the same but need to polish off edits....Hope you are still glowing from your win and you got some sleep!

  3. Super photos and so glad you enjoyed it, despite the jet lag. I think I now need to lie down in a cool dark place for about three months...

  4. Kate, it was fabulous! Please take a bow then please please put your feet up!