Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

As we have two US citizens in the Heroine Addicts it only seems right that we acknowledge Thanksgiving. It isn’t a holiday we have in the UK and I know that Canada has theirs in October but I think its great to have a day when we stuff ourselves on turkey… hold on… that is Christmas isn’t it?

<checks notes>

Ahhh sorry, I think it is great to have a day when we can look back and give thanks for every thing that has happened to us in the past year.

Things I am thankful for:

1.     My friends – including the lovely Heroine Addicts
2.     My Family – they are the only ones you get so treasure them
3.     My Health – am fitting fit and thankful
4.     My Writing – it might get tricky and other things get in the way but I’d never be without it
5.     My Flame – he survived a massive health scare earlier this year. He’s still around

What are you giving thanks for?

Please come back on Sunday to hear from Susanne

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  1. Probably more or less the same as you, so much to be thankful for! I think we should have a day like Thanksgiving in the UK as well - shall we start a new trend? (Not sure we need the turkey though, one's enough per year for me :) )