Friday, November 4, 2011

Second Chances

Second chances are on my mind at the moment. Admittedly not because of writing but it does make you think. Sometimes you just aren't ready the first time an opportunity comes your way. It is all in the timing. You might meet the right person but if it isn't the right time then it isn't going to work. Different goals, different dreams and ambitions and when you are younger you don't necessarily know how to compromise. OK I don't know how to compromise... (control freak that I am)

But time moves on and you grow up. You have your edges knocked off and somehow you learn that you can compromise (with grumbling). You fall in love and get hurt by other people but you dust yourself down and get up bloodied but not beaten.

And sometimes when you think of Paris or when you ski, you think back fondly and wonder 'what if'. You hope they're happy. You might even google them or look them up on Facebook (this isn't actually stalking if you only do it once in awhile). You look at the smiling photos and the feet deep snow and sighing wish them well and tuck your memories back out of sight.

But occassionally you get a second chance. Grasp it with both hands and live in the moment. This might be the last chance you need but even if it fades you'll know that you gave it your all.

Here endeth the lesson! (normal service with Brigid will resume soon)

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  1. I am watching you grab your second chance with great admiration, Bids. And you've written about it beautifully.

  2. Amen, sister! I couldn't say it better than Julie. :-)

    Anna Louise Lucia

  3. Thank you! Am going with the flow... :-)