Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And now - relax ...

Who knew that partying in cyberspace could be so much fun?! Ogling all those men in kilts or buckskin breeches, drinking loads of whisky and champagne, eating all the canapés, ice cream and other goodies on offer. The only problem is I’m exhausted now and I’m sure you are too! What we need is a proper, relaxing break, but as authors – do we ever really get one?

The thing is, writing is a compulsion and it never completely lets go of you, even when you’re doing other things. You continue to live your normal life, whatever that is, but inside your head you’re only paying attention with half your brain because the other half is working on characters and plots, checking out settings and listening to dialogue. It’s something you need to do to stay sane (well, author kind of sane), and you do it because you want to, because if you don’t, you feel lost. But although it’s enjoyable, it does make it difficult to ever have time to yourself and a complete break.

Sometimes circumstances compel you to turn off the author part of your brain because you need to concentrate on important things like sick children or work. However, there are also times, when you have to force yourself not to write and do something else for a change. If not, there’s a chance you’ll completely run out of steam.

So maybe we should have a pampering weekend here on the blog to recover from our partying? What would be your dream way of being pampered? If you had the chance to be looked after and relax, how and where would you do that?

I’ll start the ball rolling by hiring a housekeeper to take over all our normal everyday tasks and I’ve got a library full of books and lots of chocolate. And I’ll get someone in to do some aromatherapy – how does that sound?

Please come and join me and tell me what you’d like. Anything is possible here!

Please come back on Sunday to hear from Liz!


  1. Christina, I go for short bursts of relaxation. This usually means an evening at the cinema, sitting in the dark and watching a really good film (and hoping no one is talking or texting around me...grrr...)

    Failing that, I stay up after everyone else has gone to bed and watch a video.

    I seem to need the visual distraction to relax -- if I'm reading, my mind keeps on wandering back to my own book instead.

    Of course, getting outdoors is the best relaxation of all, but my dog's nearly 16 and doesn't like walking any more, and the places that relax me most (the woods, the lake shore, etc.) aren't great spots for women to walk on their own.

    LOVE your dogs, by the way! They look VERY relaxed!

  2. Thanks Susanna, yes my dogs know exactly how to make themselves comfortable :D

    I know what you mean about the visual distraction, I love watching films too! It is very relaxing to get carried away into another world like that. In fact, I'm just off to see the latest Twilight film now - can't wait!