Friday, August 12, 2011

Taking Care of Business

Elvis Presley had a personal motto, Taking Care of Business, it was all what he named his band. I'm not starting a band (although who knows...) but after a tumultuous few months I have a few weeks breathing space so I am going to start taking care of my business. What is my business, I hear you ask? Well, good question, in my mind my business is me. My health, my house, my future and of course my writing.

I have started small; I am getting back into the fitness groove. I’ve been running and resistance training and also walking places. I should be cutting back on the wine but that is part of my mental health so lets not go mad! My house and my future, I have plans. One of the first is to actually clear out all the paper I’ve accumulated in my flat… maybe. I’m shuddering at the thought.

To escape from those swaying towers of papers scattered round my flat I have decamped to Cornwall. I am currently sitting in Liz’s kitchen eating breakfast. I have run round the lanes this morning and once this post goes up I will be writing. I can feel the stress draining away. I can feel the writing itching in me to get out. Sometimes you need to spend some time taking care of business. 

Come back on Sunday to see what Susanna's up to


  1. Sounds great, Biddy! I feel like I need to do the same but can't quite yet - some stuff to finish off first. After that, I'm definitely due for a "breather" though! Enjoy Cornwall!