Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brain Dead...well almost

I pressed the send button on Friday went the edits on the book (I know they'll be back too but that's another story). Now I'm finding it hard to think, string a sentence together and yet something is stirring. It's the call of another story. It's tugging away but I still can't think straight. I burnt my brain on the edits. I worked in a way I hadn't before - up at five and working straight through until noon...only breaking to eat breakfast and drink coffee. This wasn't normal but it was necessary. However it was hard and it hurt.

So now I need to hold off a little bit. My brain needs to mend and I need to fill the well. I will allow myself to sketch out a few ideas, do a bit of research and maybe by the end of this week I'll allow myself to begin...I can feel the excitement building already!


  1. Liz, those are long hours, no wonder the well's empty. By all means though, get those thoughts down in a file somewhere... then close that file and fill the well. I bet the ideas will come bubbling when they and you are ready. I've found though, that getting down the ideas that HAVE come to me makes room for the new ones: deeper layers, more plot twists, back story, whatever. But sometimes I can't see more until I get what I can see out of the way. :) Congrats on getting those edits done. Whew!

  2. Well done on getting the edits out there! I'm not surprised you are frazzled that was some serious writing that you did there.

    Relax and enjoy some time for you and then ease into the next one.


  3. Thanks Biddy. Have started new book now...not far into but it has begun!