Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just a Perfect Day

Usually, when I blog, I've thought about it for a while beforehand. Then I've drafted it, then I've spent several hours wrestling blogger and cursing photos.

No photos today, no premeditation. I'm in a mellow, thoughtful mood, sitting in my dressing gown with the sun slanting in through the window beside me, and the doves cooing outside. Occasionally, dust on the laptop screen makes me think I've punctuated a sentence when I haven't...

I'm home at the moment recuperating from a not-quite-minor-not-quite-major-operation. (No, it's nothing serious, and yes, I'm fine - really!) I've been home a while, and I'll be home until the 20th this month. This tends to make one rather... introspective. I've been thinking a lot. And I've been wrestling with what I ought to do, what I ought not to do... Then, one day this week, I had a Perfect Day.

The sun was shining. I got out into the garden and did a little light gardening, transforming a weedy patch of plants that didn't survive this last unusually severe winter into a patch of fertile, open ground ready to receive new plants. I sat and read a book for an hour or so. I had a good, healthy lunch. I went for a (short) walk. I sat down and wrote for a couple of hours, 1,000 new words and plenty of edits and ideas. I spent time with Husband and the cats. I cooked. I cleaned. I responded to e-mails and tweets.

And when I went to bed (not too early, not too late) I felt like I'd both achieved things and looked after myself.

So, my Perfect Day needs to contain time outside, gentle exercise, good, healthy food, writing and contact with friends and family. What about yours?


  1. Your perfect day sounds quite a lot like mine! It's that balance of achieving things and indulging oneself. Recover quickly and enjoy the rest of your time off!

  2. Ditto what Seabrooke said...Happy Birthday again!!!

  3. That does sound like a lovely day (and I hope you've had another one today on your birthday :)

    For me, a perfect day would ideally involve chocolate and a book, plus time spent with the family, but I love it when I feel I've achieved something too, like sorting out a cupboard or similar. Days spent alone can be lovely too, just doing whatever you feel like without any pressure.

    Enjoy the rest of today!

  4. Yes, that's it exactly Seabrooke - I'm afraid I'm usually terribly bad at getting the balance right!

    Thanks Liz! :-)

    Yes, Christina, today has been a nicely balanced, happy day, too. :)

  5. My perfect day is often one that I only realise has been perfect when when it is at an end; I'm sort of retrospectively optimistic!

  6. My perfect day is very similar to yours: crisp, fresh air and blue sky with hiking or running or walking my dog. I like to putter around in my garden, read, write, bake, eat chocolate by myself, drink a glass of wine while making a nice dinner. Wait, the perfect day would have baking, but no cooking, wine and healthy food. I also like to be alone in my house now and then.
    Thanks for sharing.