Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oops and It's Valentine's Day

I am so sorry. I was supposed to be here yesterday but I was a bit distracted. I can't tell you why yet but I will soon I promise.

However, it has led me to post on St Valentine's Day...the day to celebrate LOVE and not just love but romantic love in particular. For years I remember the anticipation of the day...from primary school up until I met the man of my dreams and married him. I remember sending cards for everyone in my class in grade one - then limiting it down to only certain ones by the time seventh grade had rolled around. Maybe it's my failing memory but I can only ever remembering one year when I received two unsigned cards. Oh how my heart raced. Could it be?

Now married almost  twenty years DH and I looked at each other this morning having forgotten it was THE day. As he left for work he said sorry and I laughed and replied me too. Has the romance gone? No. But the need to show it on a specific day when we both have our minds else where has. Boring I know...

But better than the article in one of the local papers this morning here, which did a poll and said people were more likely to be dumped on Valentine's Day. Ouch.

The day has so much potential and so much opportunity for disappointment and heart ache. During my dating years I never had a boyfriend in February...go figure. That was until DH arrived on the scene and he did the honourable thing and took me out to dinner our first Valentines one of the local restaurants who had trebled their prices for the night...maybe that was the beginning of the end of Valentine's for me. It took all the romance out of the meal and I told him in future that we eat at home on the night and do something the next. In truth I think he's more romantic than I am...

In case your wondering if I ever indulged in the present giving area...yes. One year I gave him in five sessions with a person trainer because I was looking after his heart. I thought it terribly romantic but he wasn't sure.

What was your most romantic Valentine's Day adventure or misadventure?

Please come back on Thursday to see what Biddy is up to....


  1. I must have lived a very dull life as I don't remember either any adventures or misadventures in connection with Valentine's Day! I did, however, receive a very nice heart-shaped box of Ferrero Rochers this morning, which quite made my day - I'd prefer those to a bunch of flowers any day! (Chocoholic, moi? Never :)

  2. I totally agree with you - chocolates all the way. In fact I made a dark chocolate pud for dinner last night.

    Hope you had a great day.