Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nosey Parkers or Writers?

We are having another intervention here on The Heroine Addicts.

Hello, my name is Brigid and I am a nosey parker.

I love knowing about what is going on in other people’s lives. Whether they are friends, colleagues, acquaintances or strangers I am fascinated by people and their relationships. Any sort of relationship, parents and children, husbands and wives, bosses or colleagues. Bring it on!

I ask questions I probably shouldn’t and encourage them to spill the beans they probably shouldn’t. I’d like to say it is all because I care and want to help them and that is partially true… I also try and tell myself it is because I am a writer and these relationships are the bread and butter of our trade. Yeah. That is it.

I have been told or witnessed some incredible things, if I put them in a book it would be seen as too fantastical. Or of course that sadly the reason certain scenarios are clichés are because they happen with frightening regularity and we are not so individual as we think.

So I have drank gallons of coffee, mopped up plenty of tears and been there because I am a good friend.

No one needs to know I am really a nosey parker, do they? Can we just say I am a writer and leave it at that?

Are you a nosey parker? Leave a comment (anonymous if need be)

Come back on Sunday to find out what Susanna has been up to (can’t wait to find out…)


  1. Right young lady if I find my secrets in one of your novels there will be hell to pay!!


    Julie, also a nosey parker

  2. Your secrets are safe with me... Mwahahahahahaha!!