Thursday, November 4, 2010


Last time I was talking about first kisses so I thought I would go back, back before the kisses and go to the prelude to a kiss…

The Crush

Ahhh crushes… I'd love to say how I miss them but whether you are seven or ninety-five we all have crushes.

Crushes get you up in the morning and put a spring in your step. They make you smile and gasp and turn bright red and stutter.

They are the bubble in your blood, the fizz in your fibre. Writing the crush Alexa has on Quin, I didn't need to go too far back to remember what it felt like.

Who hasn't had a crush recently? A crush on that movie star, or that singer. Maybe the person who serves you coffee on the way to work. The cute girl on the bus. Or even the guy you sit next to at work.

We've all been there and very recently I'm sure:


I couldn’t help it I sighed out loud. Sam looked at me strangely. But instead of his solid ruddy face, I saw Quin. All heavy brows and kissable mouth. I could see him as if I had seen him yesterday and not two weeks ago.

How was it possible I remembered someone I had met only once so well? But it seemed that as soon as I thought of him, and I thought about him a lot, I saw him. Not the fuzzy ‘I think I remember your features but I’m not sure’ remember but as if there was a computer in my brain that brought up his photo on demand."

When I wrote this I was channelling every crush I've ever had, and a few that I borrowed from other people. Crushes on that actor I made a prat of myself in front of (read here). That son of a family friend who never knew why I babbled when he was around. The bloke at that conference who must have wondered why I blushed and ran away as soon as he sat down next to me in the bar. And who can forget that work colleague whose voice messages I'd save to listen to… he had a very sexy voice!

So who have you been crushing on?

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  1. Oh at the moment I tend share crushes with DD who is 11...which says it all - we knew really grow up or out of them:-). So current on the crush list are Rob P and the blond hero in Letters from Juliet...


  2. Oh, Biddy, I really felt for you, reading about you meeting that actor! I'm absolutely sure I'd be exactly the same, either that or I'd freeze completely. Much safer to worship from afar.

    My crushes change all the time (which is part of the fun, right?), but I'd probably agree with Liz and her dd, except I prefer the wolf boy to Rob P. Latest one is the Prince of Persia though, wow ... :)

  3. @ Liz that is prolly Channing Tatum and he is drool worthy, my current crush is Enrique Iglesias

  4. Liz - Nothing wrong with crushing on RPattz ;-)

  5. Christina - Yes I learnt to worship from afar... but how can you prefer the wolf boy to RPattz?? Shocking!

  6. Joanna - I'm afraid I can't see the Enrique Iglesias thing but that is what is fun about crushes :-)