Thursday, January 16, 2014

Forbidden Kisses... (and a giveaway)

Wet Kisses...

As you will remember way back in November we had a party to celebrate the first of my short stories, ‘The Last Kiss’. That was the first of ‘The Kiss Collection’. December saw the publication of ‘The First Kiss’ and today is the turn of my third kiss-themed short story, ‘Lipstick on His Collar’.

This one explores what happens when you kiss someone you shouldn’t… not that any of ‘The Heroine Addicts’ have ever done that. Or, of course, any of you… *coughs* 

But it can happen. Hormones and attraction can over take you and before you know it you are in a situation you could've sworn you would never be in.

So as not to embarrass anyone here, I'm not asking you to share those forbidden kisses. Instead I am asking you to share any memorable kisses you have had. Good or bad.  First, last, forever. The best entry will win signed copies of the lovely Liz Fenwick’s books, ‘The Cornish House’ and A Cornish Affair’ PLUS (hold on to your hats) copies of each of my Kiss stories.

How can you resist?

Please share your stories in the comments, the Heroine Addicts will contribute too. Liz and I will confer (over a glass or two of wine) to decide the winner.

Come on. Don’t be shy, it isn’t like you’ve kissed someone you shouldn’t?

You can download 'Lipstick on His Collar' here or any of the other Kisses here


  1. A work Colleague. I always had a policy of not mixing work with pleasure. But it had a happy ending - we're married now!