Thursday, November 14, 2013

Spin the Bottle - Launch Party for Brigid's 'The Last Kiss'

IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED!! It is the publication day of my first short story from The Kiss Collection, 'The Last Kiss'.

As is traditional here at the Heroine Addicts we are holding a party. The bunting has been hung, the champagne is on ice and we have plates of nibbles. 

As my short stories are all kiss themed, I have decided we're going to have a massive game of SPIN THE BOTTLE!!

Oh yes, people. This is going to get smoochy.

It was tough to decide who to bring to the party - I've let all my fellow heroine addicts invite people, I've brought along a few extra.

So currently we are sitting in a large circle. I've had to stop Julie from pre-empting the spin the bottle party and Christina had to be untangled from someone else's long hair!

I've also put some cushions in the closet for our later game of seven minutes in heaven...

Now let me just get this going *Julie nicks the bottle and starts spinning the bottle*

Or not...

Ahhh so the bottle is pointing at this lovely gentleman.

Ben Wishaw - lucky Julie!

I never knew Julie could crawl that fast. Oh, she's now sitting in his lap and smooching. And... ok I don't think we need to see this. Down, girl!

Sorry about that, had to peel her off him.

OK now my... *Anna snatches the bottle and starts to spin it* turn? Bugger.

Ahhh the bottle is slowing down, wobbling between two of our fine guests...

Thor! - Anna's in Valhalla
Anna, shouting "Get in there!" and launching yourself at poor Chris Helmsworth is quite scary. Oh that is really not something I need to see. Can someone get her back here? Thanks, Ben.

Right, people this is my party and I'm going to... *Susanna sweeps in and spins the bottle* FINE! You go.

That is a very professionally spun bottle, I think Susanna has done this before. Ooo now that is a fine figure of a man.

Max Martini - He's got Susanna shaken AND stirred
Man, Susanna pretty much tackled him. He's down but looking at that lip action he isn't out. Erm... Susanna, it isn'y seven minutes in heaven yet. Susanna! You lot are no use. Back in your place, young lady.


Now... LIZ! PUT DOWN THAT BOTTLE! DON'T YOU... *bottle is a blur from Liz's enthusiastic spin* This was my party! Fine. Whatever.

Benedict is only Liz's for the night (so generous)

Liz be gentle with him... he's only on loan. Don't wear those lips out. And no touching... I don't care that you are an award winner. PUT HIM DOWN!

OK at long last *cracks knuckles* If someone could pass me the bottle? No! Not to Christina! *bottle spins sleekly* I hate you all.

Captain Hook has his hook in Christina

Looks like Christina's caught herself a pirate... I never knew Captain Hook could be that good looking but Colin O'Donoghue could definitely convert me. I don't think he knew what hit him there... Christina, do you really think you should be doing THAT in public?

Sorry about that, had to pour some cold water over them both.

*grabs the bottle*


*spins the bottle in a calculating way*


Happy Publication day to me!!

A brief interlude....

Oh this is a lovely party. Bring a guest and spin the bottle. Tell us about it in the comments.

Brigid's Short Story is available here

'Piognant, funny, realistic yet romantic, these stories make you relive the good times and sigh over the sad ones. I loved them.' - Katie Fforde
First kisses are the ones that every one celebrates, the ones you remember. The ones you hope to treasure as it happened, storing up your memories to take out and relive.
But what about the last kiss?

The first in The Kiss Collection, an exciting new series of short stories from Brigid Coady & HarperImpulse.
How pretty...
*Please note this is a short story, approx. 1000 words in length designed for reading on your mobile phone or tablet.*


  1. Happy publication day, Biddy! Sorry, no time for comments, we're kind of busy here ... :-D (Oh, and thanks for a great party!) xx

  2. Great party. Huge Congrats!…grabs Benedict and a glass and disappears…

  3. I am SO not getting involved with this (PMSL)

  4. Happy Publication Day ....Brilliant idea - never been to a launch party before ... nibbles abit thin on the ground but I see the champers is flowing ... Liz & I do a mean "dance" as she will tell you .....LOL

    1. You do indeed but you haven't told us who you will be dancing with…*hides benedict behind my back*

    2. Ooops forgot the important bit ... would have to be "the" heart-throb ... Orlando Bloom ... oooo those eyes ... :)

    3. Orlando it is! Spin that bottle!

  5. My turn. It's spinning. It's spinning. It's landing on... Well would you believe it? Richard Armitage has just walked in as it came to rest pointing straight at the door. Wham. That'll do for me. :-) Happy Pub Day, Brigid. Seen it, bought it, tweeted!

  6. Many, many congratulations, Biddy!

    Fab party, as always! (And Julie, my daughter has her eye on you...)

    1. Everyone has their eyes on Julie x

    2. She can look all she wants. As long as there is no touching. ;-)

  7. Man, I am LOVING this party.... Valhalla indeed...


    And, um... how drunk would you need to be to not notice if I stole the Hiddles? *whislting innocently*


    1. Oi! I saw that! PUT LOKI DOWN! Sheesh. You go out and people take liberties x

  8. Congratulations from your house captain as was

    1. Thank you! I'm guessing Sophie but I could be wrong...

  9. Hey Christina, I'm pretty sure Hook wouldn't mind sharing ... Fine, fine, I'll spin ... Well, hello Jamie Dornan!

    Thanks for providing me evening's entertainment, Brigid! And congrats!

    1. Yes, hands off Hook - I don't do sharing! :-D (And he's only got one hand, remember? Just for me.)