Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The TARDIS - Further Confessions of a Pack Rat

My flat is the Tardis. I know it doesn’t look like a blue police phone box but it does share one key characteristic:
It is bigger on the inside than the outside.
How do I know this, I can hear you ask. Well I’ll tell you. It is the only explanation for how, I have managed to remove two vans, one MPV and one small car’s worth of stuff from what is in reality only a small one bedroom flat. And that doesn’t take into account the kitchen stuff which I left in situ for my tenants.
I wouldn’t complain so much if I had just loaded those vehicles up without having done an initial reconciliation of my stuff... but I did! Hundreds of books went and I waved my sofa bed a teary goodbye at the Wandsworth Dump.
It is a mystery that one flat could contain so much stuff. I blame the storage space. Unusually for a central London flat it has quite a few cupboards. In fact they are the sort with handy top cupboards that can only be accessed by a stepladder and a long arm. It is amazing what was lurking in the back. A pair of ski boots emerged slightly dusty. Then a hard hat, reflective jacket and steel capped boots for construction site visits – no, I am not hiding members of The Village People (although I do have a fine collection of cowboy boots), it is for the day job.
This weekend I went through yet another cull of belongings that had emerged from my TARDIS, throwing things on the charity shop pile willy nilly. One day I’ll get my stuff down to manageable proportions... until I move back into the TARDIS of course.


  1. I'm a squirrel too - cupboard space is dangerous as it encourages you to keep stuff! Not that I need encouragement, but still ... Perhaps you could just buy a bigger TARDIS? :-)

  2. A bigger TARDIS?? That would be asking for trouble! Although I would really like a garage or loft that I could fill :-)