Monday, June 18, 2012

Recipes and Writing

Right now I'm about to make a panna cotta for the first time...I like cooking so this is not something I fear, but I already know at the start that I need to change the recipe...because I'm pre-diabetic and I can't have sugar. The original recipe is here and is from Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream...

This tweaking got me thinking as I'm struggling with book two...I love writing and I know this story but I have changed the ingredients and I'm unsure of the results...and this is giving me grief because I have  no picture of the end...I feel like I've changed it from a simple roast to complicated stew.

So I am going back to the starting board and looking at my ingredients to make sure I put them in the the right order...

Now tonight's pudding only requires the changing of real sugar to fake sugar and vanilla bean to vanilla essence....'s a pic of the final product...and yes is a berry coulis rather than i can't stick to the  recipe!


  1. It looks delicious, whatever the ingredients! And I'm sure your book will be great too once you've had a chance to put everything in the right order. I'm a great believer in bullet points when I get in a muddle, that way I can move them round so it all (hopefully) makes sense and goes in the right place :)