Friday, January 6, 2012

News Report!

Our Roving Reporter tells us that two Heroine Addicts who shall remain nameless met at an undisclosed location in London this afternoon.

'I can't tell you what we're doing here,' said BC, otherwise known as The Woman In Black. 'It would compromise national security. Let's just say that it has...something to do with writing.'

'Or Post-Its,' added JC, otherwise known as The Other Woman In Black. 'Definitely either writing, or Post-Its.'

'Possibly both,' said BC.

Neither Heroine Addict would confirm or deny rumours that one of them is too busy revising her novel to put up a proper post on this blog, and that the other is too busy hiding herself away writing to a deadline, possibly in a super-secret luxury bolthole, to put up a proper post either.

Wine and/or coffee may have been involved. Keep tuned for further developments.


  1. Given the choices of beverages that may or may not have been consumed during said clandestine meeting of Heroine Addicts Who Cannot Be Named, I'd lay odds it was wine. :-)

  2. Yep, me too! Hope the clandestine meeting results in wonderful prose for both Heroine Addicts Who Cannot Be Named :D

  3. You guys are too funny.... love it!


  4. Agree with Anna and enjoy the wine!

  5. I couldn't possibly comment on the type of beverage consumed. I also can neither confirm nor deny that there might be a further meeting later today.

  6. No. No comment at all here, either. *hides the bottles*