Sunday, October 9, 2011

Plot Problems Are Good for My Bottom

We all know of the dreaded writer's bottom....we sit on a chair, sofa or bed tapping away at the keyboard living in our imaginary worlds. Bliss - well sort of. This leads to an unattractive spread of the backside especially when combined with others things that help writing - wine, chocolate, cakes....

One has to take an active approach to counteracting that dreaded thing...the writer's bottom. You either have to be disciplined (hard when you are using all of that to apply bum to chair and write) or you must encounter plot problems. This is not my preferred solution, but one my mind clearly chooses.

When stuck...I walk and if possible walk a lot. The more I do, the clearer things are on my return to the keyboard. I've recently had a great deal of plot problems as I am re-thinking, re-writing and editing an old the rate I'm going I may turning out very fit as this story is presenting me with a plot wall daily...

Come back on Thursday to see what Biddy has to say....


  1. Pish! You there is nothing of you! But yes walking does help :-)

  2. Yes, as long as you're not walking my dogs who are the slowest of the slow! That might help the plot problems, but not the bottom spread ... :D

  3. I was once told that Nigel Tranter actually used to write while walking...not sure I'm that coordinated! But I agree, it can really clear the cobwebs to get out and about.