Sunday, September 18, 2011

Turning Points

At the Emirates Airlines Literary Festival last March I was the moderator for a workshop by Louise Doughty and in it she spoke about turning points. These were key ones where there was no way the story could go/slip back - irreversible change. She said in effect it almost became a different story. She spoke of films and Sid Field's The Screen Writer's Workbook. Then she mentioned the film Truly Madly Deeply -1/4 bereavement then boyfriend comes going back.

So what had me thinking about these things was not the current book or even the one I'm editing but yesterday. Yesterday I took my eldest to university. As my husband and I drove back in sun and rain and times watching the most amazing cloudscapes and rainbows I had ever seen...we had just experienced a major turning point - ours and his. Yes, he would still come home and want to be fed and so on, but it would be different. Holidays will no longer be planned around us, decisions made would be about his life and not our family. Life from this point forward will be from his point of view based solely on his needs until another big turning point happens in his life...

Yesterday really put turning points in a story into goes on but differently. From my point of view as a mother I have to let go....from his everything is possible....

Come back on Thursday to see what Biddy has to say.


  1. It's such an exciting time for them and definitely a big turning point all round.

  2. (I'm trying an anonymous comment as a last ditch attempt to be able to connect with this blog!)

    Ah, Liz, that was beautiful, and made me understand the thing from an external perspective more than I have before. I think equal parts hugs and cheers are called for.

    Anna Louise Lucia

  3. Yes Debs it is....gulp.

    Don't know why it's playing up on you Anna...but thanks. It was a crystal clear moment for me and helped me looking at the turning points in my story today on the plane. I could suddenly see that they were and they and they were big enough


  4. This is beautiful, Liz. Congratulations to your grown-up man.