Thursday, September 23, 2010

Refilling The Well

No matter how wonderful writing is. No matter how much it feels wonderful when it is going well, sometimes you find the well is dry. Or if not dry at least a little low.

Now it is tempting when the well is dry to start digging to see if you can't find some underground reservoir. You dig deeper and deeper but all you do is stir up mud. Instead why not sit back and think of ways of filling your well.

There are many different ways of filling the well. There are the basics; sleep, food and exercise... never underestimate these, if you are physically drained you won't be in a fit state to keep the well filled. Other than that there are a variety of different ways to fill the well going to the theatre, watching films, listening to music and of course the most important reading.

My favourite ways to fill my well other than reading and watching films are spending quality time with people. Hanging out with good friends chewing the fat or in the case of this weekend ogling Tudor dudes in tights with Julie Cohen. Another of my favourite ways to fill the well is to get away somewhere for the weekend, I highly recommend Cumbria (and Anna's hospitality). Oh and who can forget the well filling joy of kayaking on Frenchman's Creek?

So how do you refill your well?

Come back on Sunday when Susanna will be posting


  1. I can highly recommend the ogling of Tudor dudes in tights!

    (If you all want to see a photo of Brigid refilling her well, or rather draining the wine fountain, you can visit here: )

  2. Arf! It was a very good refilling activity

  3. I love the whole concept of refilling the well, rather than digging deeper through the sludge.
    You covered most of the best ways of filling the well, Brigid. Men in tights!!!! lol.

    Going for a walk is another good one. No matter the weather - let the wind toss your hair about and the rain pelt down, or the summer sun warm you right through. Walking frees the mind to wander along creative patthways. Travel works wonders too.

  4. I read, watch tv/movies and I watch people. I also love to get into a conversation with others who may inadvertently give me fresh ideas.

    I love this blog, just discovered it recently and I have an award for you on my blog! (

  5. I agree, you covered most of the best ways, Biddy, and your ogling-outing sounds fab! Not so sure about the men in tights though, breeches yes, but tights? And please tell me there were no codpieces present?

    My favourite way of filling the well is definitely going to the cinema, but I also like museums and art galleries. It's usually fairly quiet in places like that and among all the things you see you might find that one object that gives you a spark and starts filling you with ideas.